Sport Doge
Construction of payment currency for sports industry

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Sport Doge Token

Sport Doge is jointly created by sports enthusiasts from all over the world. It aims to make the transaction of sports assets transparent, the assets can be cut and circulated faster, and finally release the huge potential of the sports asset market through the characteristics of decentralized, distributed storage, tamper proof, etc. of blockchain technology.


Sport Doge Construction

Sport Doge uses blockchain technology to directly connect fans, various sports events and sports stars, promote the development and development of the sports industry, and drive more sports enthusiasts to participate. To bring fans more sports events worth watching and participating in, including comprehensive reports of various information, services on and off the court and off the court, and derivatives of various sports (including but not limited to star and exclusive NFT of the event, sports surroundings, and games of classic events, etc.).


There is no middleman to intervene between fans, competitions and experience stars, and there is no centralized platform to control all participants, which makes the surrounding content of sports events more fair and transparent, and promotes the healthy development of the sports industry. However, the internal circulation of the token will bring huge dividends to fans, event organizers and experience stars through various functions of the platform. The market potential of transparency of sports IP asset based transactions of such dividends is released, which is a very considerable potential asset.

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Offline linkage

Sport Doge plans to cooperate with several sports clubs in the future, and fans of the club can not only gain value growth, but also deeply participate in the club. Fans who hold Sport Doge can get the qualification to participate in their club's collective decision-making, and can make their own voice on specific things of the club. At the same time, those who own Sport Doge can get exclusive rewards and experience, so that fans can deeply participate in the activities of the club and improve their stickiness.

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DAO Governance

With the support of the token system, Sport Doge will change the traditional fan operation mode, make it an independent and autonomous organization through the blockchain, enable the community to have rights and obligations, and enhance the influence of fans on the entire sports industry. Fans' love for sports stars or star teams is not just an emotional relationship. Fans' and fans' feelings will generate value and value transmission through the blockchain.

Road Map
Q2-Q3 in 2022:

Team expansion
Project Economics Experiment
Negotiate more partners
Chain construction of sports industry chain
Marketing promotes the formation of community consensus and the scale exceeds 5000 people

Q4, 2022:

Sport Doge Token Release
Launch website+community
Audit verification
Air drop and gift activities
Continuous promotion of influence marketing
Complete third-party audit
The community size has exceeded 50000 people
Start on Pancakeswap
Coingecko Coinmarketcap is listed

Q1 2023:

Hold a world-class event
World class mainstream media influence marketing promotion
Advertising and influence expansion
NFT marketing communication
Listing on a centralized exchange
Social community language increase
The community size has exceeded 100000 people

Q2-Q3 in 2023:

Soaring Mode List
Social community language continues to increase
Community size exceeded 200000 people
Continuous promotion of global mainstream media influence marketing

Q4, 2023:

Community size exceeded 500000 people
Make Sport Doge a cross chain global mainstream payment currency
Full access to all world-class events, including the Olympic Games, the World Cup NBA, etc


Sport Doge lands on the moon after finishing the task of erasing